• Unparalled Print & ScreenView Quality
  • Adobe PDF Output – No Special Viewers Needed
  • Easy to Use With Enhanced Production Tools
  • All Popular & Many One-of-a-Kind Features
  • Powerful Archiving/Retrieving Library
  • Customizable Marketing Features

Now only $ 395 for Single PC License.
And as low as $ 250 for Multi-user Licenses.
No Monthly Fees & No “Click” Charges.


Min-U-Script Offers Additional Products and Utilities to Enhance Your Use and Your Clients Experience


The ultimate utility for faster, easier and optimum exhibit scanning. Scan multiple exhibits at one time with automatic file naming of each exhibit. Learn more...


A powerful yet simple program for providing your clients with instant download or viewing of their transcript files. Learn more...

mus mail

Min-U-Script Mail, a joint development with Attachmore, takes the guess work out of sending larger files through standard email. You can custom design your own download page with graphics and set security/notification settings on every job. Free 60 day trial. As low as $50/year. Learn more...

Marketing Programs

Programs and Products to Strengthen Your Firm's Marketing Message.


Min-U-Script Marketing Tools

A variety of FREE marketing tools and low cost customized services to educate your clients and gain prominent recognition with every file they open.   As a Min-U-Script Pro user, in addition to owning the best in transcript production, delivery and management, you are also offered a complete marketing program designed to promote your firm and services to legal professionals. Learn more...


Custom Website Development

Powerful yet efficient and economical design and delivery of your website with today’s “look and feel” as well as “state-of-the-art” features and visibility.   Our custom web design team is ready to create that marquee website which makes you stand out from the competition. Learn more...

Our Story

Since 1990, the Min-U-Script name has been synonymous with Quality, Innovation and Productivity.

From revolutionizing the look of the transcript with the first condensed transcript and word index, to the best storage and retrieval features, Min-U-Script has provided thousands of legal professionals with simple, effective, and efficient tools for delivering and digesting transcripts.

And now, we’ve maintained the tradition with new and outstanding features, new products and a powerful marketing support program that will add "punch" to every transcript you deliver while gaining prominent recognition with every file they open.

Better yet, Min-U-Script is available at unbeatable pricing with NO MONTHLY FEES OR CLICK CHARGES!